Does Every Post Need a Title?

Encouraged by friends and family, with my love for writing in mind, I started this blog a few weeks ago. It was an experience, to say the least, as I tried to replicate what was in my mind for the blog’s presence and appearance. I kept getting stumped by my lack of knowledge on the techie side of things and I could bore you with the details, but instead let’s just say here I am; there may or may not be pictures or formats to my posts… at least for a while, but I am here!

“Praying for Your Husband” by Sharon Jaynes is my latest reading endeavour as is the book of “Exodus” from the NIV Bible. I can understand that not everyone enjoys religious literature, but these are just some of my go to’s at the moment. (I listed the books I have finished as of late in the first post of my blog.)  In addition to faith based books, my interests fall on historical fiction, inspiring life-story adventure, biographies and comedic relief pieces to break the tension! There is a small part of me that enjoys time travel books as well, truth be told.

In reading “Praying for Your Husband”, there is a 30 day challenge where a scripture verse and prayer are offered for each symbolic body part of your husband for that day. I have enjoyed this book because it’s real about the struggles we all face and in reading and praying for my husband, the scripture verses also spoke to me about my spiritual growth and shortcomings.  It gave me an avenue to care for my husband and ultimately it brought us closer; by Day 23 we agreed to pray together, something we had previously  done separately and in private, and it was amazing… we felt so connected with each other and God and we decided it is something we want to continue.

I try to read at least one chapter of Exodus a day. Some days it is easier than others, but I am amazed with the details that I am seemingly reading for the first time when it is not the first time I have gone through it. I love that.

I usually do these readings when my littlest one is down for his nap, but I feel an urge to utilize some of the time at the end of my day for reading as well.  Do people ever read cookbooks? My aunt gave me the Looney Spoons cookbook as a gift years ago and I tried a recipe or two out of it but never really gave it the chance it deserved, especially with how fun all the little cartoons are with fun filled facts about nutrition. Could this be my chance to mix a little work with pleasure and even get some meal planning done??

I have fallen into a serious rut with my dinner menu.  Having two little guys 3 and under makes it challenging because they are such picky eaters! I have been known to make separate meals for dinner, one for them and one for us, but usually it’s one meal for all. Is it any surprise that we have spaghetti ALL the time?

Be sure to watch for my next post where I will have a meal plan with recipes to review. I may cheat a little as my friend posted a phenomenal Facebook video on one-pan wonders that I just can’t wait to try out, but a little cookbook reading never hurt anyone!




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