Meal Plan: Check!

With meal plan in hand and grocery shopping checked off my to-do list, I began this week with a roast dinner! Yum! I admit it is one of the recipes I have had for a while, but my husband can’t seem to get enough of it and it is super easy!

Yesterday I tried to be adventurous and try something new from my Looneyspoons cookbook. Chicken Cordon New sounds great doesn’t it? Well, live and learn! If it wasn’t for my hubby coming home early I would have been in so much trouble! I really underestimated the skill necessary to make this dish but together we tackled it and it turned out really well. Needless to say, I won’t be attempting this one on my own for a long time to come!

Looking forward at tonight and the week ahead, we’re having omelettes, chili, a one-pot wonder (from the facebook video I mentioned in my earlier post), and bacon and tomato sandwiches which are a huge hit in my family. We may be swimming in leftovers before I get to the last few meals but I still believe it’s better to have a lot of meal ideas ready for the week in case something comes up or you need to switch them around at the last minute.

So that’s that! Meal plan and grocery shopping done for the week! I still haven’t decided if I will post this every week (I know I’m a little late putting this out on a Tuesday when almost half of the week has gone by), but I will see where my cooking leads me. It’s tough to post failures on here but it’s part of being real and I know it will be so rewarding to watch myself grow!




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