“This Is Us” might have just saved my hair crisis!

Since I was a little girl, we never knew what to do with my hair. No one seemed to have any advice, so we would brush it out.  Now anyone with curly hair knows this is a big  no-no, unless of course you are blow-drying it and straightening it after. However I did not know this, and so let’s just say that my earlier, frizzier hair days were… an experience.

One day, a friend of a friend introduced me to mousse and scrunching my new found curls. I was delighted! Rather than wearing a bun to school every day, I began letting my long, curly hair down. I got lots of compliments and support from friends and family and I enjoyed embracing my curls.

Skipping over to my university years, I began experimenting with a ceramic straightener. It was a dream come true to have such sleek, shiny, long hair. I loved it. I don’t remember ever struggling with my hair during those times; it seemed I was always ready for the camera.

However over the last number of years, just as I have been changing on the inside, my hair has been changing on the outside! The Frizz is back! (and I’m not talking Magic School Bus either! Although my 3 year old assures me she is back on some new episodes on Netflix.) Why is my hair doubling in size over night when I have straightened it? Does any one else have this problem? No amount of product seems to keep the frizz under control when I style it curly in the morning and I can count on it to be a complete wreck the next day. It is STRESSFUL to have hair that has a mind of it own and now I’m even seeing some greys?? These ones are my “favourites” as they stick straight out no matter what way I style my hair.

Now, I do remember a few years ago I tried an egg and oil mixture to treat my hair and at the time I remember being VERY impressed with the final result which lasted a few days.  Will my hair cooperate if I try it again? I am willing to give it another shot. I only wish I could find the exact same mixture as there are variations of it online. I will keep you posted!

Now what does all this have to do with “This Is Us”?  Apparently I have been living under a rock because until last night’s episode when Zoe talked about forgetting her silk pillowcase, I had no idea this was a thing for curly hair. And then I clued in to Beth’s silk scarf wrap in an earlier episode that she used before bed. I am SO eager to try this seemingly easy solution to day-after hair. I read online that one girl found a silk pillowcase at Walmart for under $4.00!  The scarf looks like it takes a little bit more work but there are lots of videos online that show how to use it. In combo with the egg and oil mixture I may not even have big hair to write about anymore! Is this a happy ending for my frizzy hair? I sure hope so! Next stop: Walmart.

Here is a picture of what we are working with:



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