Silk Pillowcase Results!

I straightened my hair 3 days ago and was so excited to try out the silk pillowcase idea. Only problem? We didn’t make it out to Walmart this past weekend. So I got creative!  I pulled out an old pair of silk pajamas that I never wear (because the seam was faulty on the shoulders) and I wrapped the top around my pillow until it was fully covered. I was determined to try this out!

The “pillowcase” felt so soft on my skin, and I slept like a baby.  Two and even three days later, my hair stayed sleek and smooth when I woke up in the morning! This is unlike the times I slept on my cotton pillowcase, waking up to puffy straight hair and lots of frizz that I would have to take time re-styling in the morning. Fantastic! I can’t decide if I will actually go buy a silk pillowcase, when this pajama top works just as well, but it might be nice to have more than one. We’ll see.

The next thing I would like to try out with my silk “pillowcase” is how well it does with curly hair. Personally, I like to shower at night. I am so not a morning person, but that means going to bed with damp hair and product, as my little ones are asleep (I don’t want to wake them with my diffuser!) I have not had ANY luck maintaining my curls with a cotton pillowcase through the night; when I wake up, my hair is still damp and full of frizz and I always end up pulling it back into a messy bun or ponytail.

Styling my hair in the morning with some coconut butter and leave-in conditioner helps to minimize the frizz if I have the time, but as it dries… POOF!   My hair’s big enough where I feel self-conscious sitting in front of people at church, wondering if they can see past it!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had tried a mixture involving egg and oil that left my hair with defined frizz free curls for a few days. In combination with the silk pillowcase, maybe this could be my next hair experiment. I’d be curious to see how that mixture would affect my hair when straightened as well! More on that in the weeks to come!




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