Egg Yolks, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Honey Mix

Tonight I spent about an hour looking at different combos of the egg and oil mixtures and there are A LOT of them out there!

I finally decided to try the 3 eggs yolks, extra virgin olive oil and honey mixture put on for 20 minutes then shampooed and conditioned under cool water.  After this, I put some coconut butter on my hair, and then, I don’t usually consider this an option, but tonight I diffused my hair’s curls for as long as I could stand it with the setting on cool.

Needless to say, my hair is still quite damp so I’m not sure how it turned out yet but the whole process took from about 9:20pm-10:05pm so I think that is pretty reasonable. I also used the 20 min down time to paint my toes a beautiful royal purple while listening to the radio. (Do people do that anymore??)

I did this for a couple of reasons.

#1. My eggs were expired.

#2. I am pretty sure this was the mixture I used years ago that turned out so well.

#3. I purposefully did it tonight and made the process realistic so I could find out how well my silk pillowcase will keep my damp curls defined.

#4. I am desperate to see how long this possible hair success will last!

What will success look like to me? I want my hair to significantly shrink down in size and my curls to be defined and shiny.  No picture tonight as my hair is still damp but we will see what happens tomorrow! I’m really hoping for some good news to share!


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