Time for a trip to the Library! My Library.

Over the last few weeks I have been reading Leviticus from the NIV Bible and maybe I’m crazy but it wasn’t nearly as bad as other people had said it would be. Repetitive, yes… but I found all the rituals and specific details rather fascinating.  Everything must be exact. Precise. From sacrifices to festivals for God, it is clear to me that God’s holiness is demanding; demanding of perfection and nothing less.  In the last few chapters, He describes how, if these rules and regulations are all followed, great blessings will follow  beyond imagination. However, if they are not followed, the wrath that will come in stages is fearsome.

How can a God that holy love someone like you and me? With our imperfections and mistakes, we can try all we want to lead good lives, but unless they are 100% perfect, we fall short of God’s standard of perfection and can’t be in His presence.  I am so thankful for the greatest sacrifice found in the person of Jesus Christ. Because of Him, we can call God “Father”.  I am so glad the Bible does not end at Leviticus! The same God of Leviticus wants a relationship with us!

As I finished reading Leviticus and am now onto Numbers (NIV Bible), I would really like some light reading to enjoy on the side.  It is time for a trip to the library! My library.

I finished most of the half-read books stacked neatly in my living room already. Now it is time to raid our large bookcase in my oldest son’s room where we keep ALL of our books, no matter what the age range. I adopted most of these gems when we moved into our first house from my parents’ library. We’ve got anything from classics like Peter Pan and the Adventures of Huckleberry Fin to Jane Austen novels to Jack White… there are some novels from my university years, definitely enough selection to pick from.

I will go through them tonight and post the winner in the next few days!



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