In a pinch… Spaghetti wins every time!

I would love to say that “at least I’m making my own spaghetti sauce”, but it’s one of those days where I am just tired. Who am I kidding? I always use the canned stuff anyway. Am I really missing out?

I’ve spent the last hour and a half raking leaves just in the front yard,  (I’ve barely made a dent in the back yard!) and putting them in bags. I used muscles I never even knew I had and by the end of it, I am spent!

I am welcoming this warm spaghetti dinner because:

  1. I won’t have to fight with my oldest one to eat dinner
  2. It’s cold out
  3. It’s a hearty meal
  4. I love spaghetti!

A talk with a good friend got me into the mindset of getting some more physical activity into my winter weeks, whether it be walking, doing some weights, an exercise video, even stretching, just to get my body moving. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’m not doing that with my littlest one as I frantically run up the stairs to go get him, or when I am carrying him from the car to the grocery store (the little guy is getting HEAVY!).

But she’s right: health is important and the better shape I am in, the more I will be able to enjoy my life!

This also gets me thinking about some more meal planning on the horizon: healthy meal planning. As I mentioned earlier we did a massive grocery shop so now it is just a matter of using one of my favourite websites:! There you can type in the ingredients you have on hand and then search for recipes that have those items in them.  They have photos of the food and reviews/ratings. It’s one of my favourite places to find dinner ideas.  I’ll start on that tomorrow but for tonight, spaghetti wins!


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