Straight hair funk?

I absolutely love having straight hair. I love the feel, I love how it looks, it’s just so beautiful. One hair dresser at a high end salon said I could easily get away with wearing it for a week before washing it out to maximize how long it lasts, but seriously?? 7 days? I can’t get past 3 before it starts to smell funky and get a little on the greasy side! What’s the secret? Dry shampoo may be the answer!

I’ve never tried dry shampoo before, but after seeing an ad on TV about it (while watching “This Is Us”!), I am definitely wanting to give it a shot. It takes me half an hour to straighten my hair and it seems like such a waste of time if I only get two days out of it before I wash it and wait for my wet hair to dry and repeat. I worry about damaging my hair with that amount of straightening.

I only started to straighten it (regularly) a year ago after university years gone by and actually as horrible as it is, I have not invested in a heat-protective spray yet either. Man, I have really got to get on this!! So, these are the two curly hair/straightened hair products I would like to invest in over the next little while… maybe put them on my Christmas list! 😉 Then I will review them as well.

The next part of my funk is this: WEATHER! Most of the time straightened hair works just fine, but there *are* instances when it can be a challenge. Humidity in the summer is a killer! Especially at the nape of my neck on those really hot and sweaty days, but usually I’d just toss it up. Rainy days are not such a big deal; I always have my little umbrella on hand ready to save the day, (or my hair as it were).  My question is about snow.

What do you do when you’re not expecting the snow to really start coming down and you are on your way to your local coffee shop with your hair freshly straightened? Do you carry an umbrella for that too? Do you wear a hoody on those days, just in case? A toque with your hair tucked in your coat? Ahh.. I get lost in these dilemmas! Possibly I am just over thinking things.

Besides, what’s the big deal about having a bit of frizzy hair? I’d really like to overlook it. After all, if it was a friend of mine who had this issue I wouldn’t even give it a second thought. Aren’t we all just harder on ourselves and our own appearance than anyone else? I think the important thing to remember is, no one else cares and let the natural beauty shine through that frizzy mess on the top of my head! End of story.

I do enjoy that first straightened day though!! 😀



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