Are we healthy yet??

My last post has been sandwiched by two flus/cold spells that lasted about a week each. We all got hit with a bad bug. My two youngest coughing up storms... they were FULL of energy but highly contagious.  On Tuesday of last week, I got the flu with hot and cold flashes/migraine.. I don't even … Continue reading Are we healthy yet??


Bell Let’s Talk Awareness Campaign

It can feel so restrictive when you have a blog with specific topics allocated for your writing. Maybe today I want to branch out? Is my "Life" category too generic? I've incorporated my faith in the Life category which you may have noticed, but right now I feel like writing something different.  I could talk … Continue reading Bell Let’s Talk Awareness Campaign

Oatmeal raisin cookies were next on the holiday agenda from The Joy of Cooking book. They turned out great! Super easy to follow the recipe and tasty afterward! I am excited to arrive at my small group get together this Friday with my various Christmas cookies: gingersnaps, sugar drops, candy cane and oatmeal raisin cookies. … Continue reading