Jesus is coming SOONER than you think!

Are we in the last days?  All this talk about climate change and global warming has people looking very carefully at their political leader platforms when deciding who to vote for. Plastic is a concern for many as well as the record breaking temperatures in both the summer and winter now. It seems as though … Continue reading Jesus is coming SOONER than you think!


There’s something about the Fall

There's something about the Fall that just makes me want to have new beginnings. I began my blog in September of last year, life got crazy but again, heading back into that crisp cool time of year, I find myself yearning to come back to what is important to me. I left off my last … Continue reading There’s something about the Fall

Do you read multiple books at a time? Do you forget where you left off sometimes because your little LO pulls bookmarks out of your books? Do you end up reading parts of your book 3-4 times before you realize you already read that part 3-4 times? This is the story of my life for … Continue reading

Bell Let’s Talk Awareness Campaign

It can feel so restrictive when you have a blog with specific topics allocated for your writing. Maybe today I want to branch out? Is my "Life" category too generic? I've incorporated my faith in the Life category which you may have noticed, but right now I feel like writing something different.  I could talk … Continue reading Bell Let’s Talk Awareness Campaign