Christmas baking has begun in our family!  My eldest reminded me that we need to put some cookies out for Santa so naturally I decided to test out my gingersnaps on my 3 favourite guys at home. The cookies turned out smaller than expected, but their taste definitely surpassed my expectations! What kick! I followed … Continue reading Gingersnaps!


Straight hair funk?

I absolutely love having straight hair. I love the feel, I love how it looks, it's just so beautiful. One hair dresser at a high end salon said I could easily get away with wearing it for a week before washing it out to maximize how long it lasts, but seriously?? 7 days? I can't … Continue reading Straight hair funk?

“Oh my poor nerves, I just can’t bear it!”

I remember reading about some women with anxiety in fiction novels. They would often be characterized as frail, weak and sensitive; all in all, pretty pathetic and a burden to people more than anything else. Admittedly, I would smirk as the authors would target these women using sarcastic humour: "Oh my poor nerves, I just … Continue reading “Oh my poor nerves, I just can’t bear it!”

Time for a trip to the Library! My Library.

Over the last few weeks I have been reading Leviticus from the NIV Bible and maybe I'm crazy but it wasn't nearly as bad as other people had said it would be. Repetitive, yes... but I found all the rituals and specific details rather fascinating.  Everything must be exact. Precise. From sacrifices to festivals for … Continue reading Time for a trip to the Library! My Library.