Oatmeal raisin cookies were next on the holiday agenda from The Joy of Cooking book. They turned out great! Super easy to follow the recipe and tasty afterward!

I am excited to arrive at my small group get together this Friday with my various Christmas cookies: gingersnaps, sugar drops, candy cane and oatmeal raisin cookies. I had so much fun making them and what a way to get into the holiday spirit than by putting on Christmas music and baking up a storm. I was also thrilled to pull out my kitchen apron which, truth be told, has not had a lot of use until this point… that will all change from here on in!

In other kitchen news, I made an Indian dish from The Joy of Cooking called Keema Alu, which roughly translates to “Indian beef with potatoes and spices”. Some coriander, tumeric cumin, ginger, red pepper, tomatoes… it was so flavourful and I even had a compliment saying it tasted like the kind you would get in an Indian restaurant! Definitely a win!

I have to say I am really gaining some confidence in the kitchen with this Joy of Cooking book.  The book is laid out so well and has so many helpful explanations and tips for  anything imaginable when it comes to food. It has been exciting to look up other recipes from the usual and treat my family like guinea pigs! I’m still learning but it’s getting better and easier the more I take on.

I also discovered that ovens can be cold ovens or hot ovens which I didn’t know before! My oven happens to be a cold one which means it takes more time to cook and bake food. On the reverse side, if you have a hot oven, your food is ready in less time than your recipe recommends.  I found that if I used a higher notch on the temperature when my Keema Alu was simmering, I was in time with my recipe’s recommended time.

Last night I ventured out and made my own “penne alfredo” and it was also a hit with the whole family! I used CLASSICO’s Alfredo sauce, added some green pepper and onion, salt and pepper to taste, with a dash or two of Rosemary and cooked up some chicken cubes to mix together with the penne and sauce.

The humour of all this is, I am cooking and baking more new recipes than I have in a very long time, and I am enjoying the fruits of my labour (as is my family), but I keep forgetting to take pictures until after we’ve eaten.  I wanted to make this more of a written blog than a picture blog, but a few pictures never hurt anyone, right? I’ll see what I can do about being more diligent with that. In the mean time, we ordered some pizza tonight! A welcome reward for my kitchen endeavours over the last week! Bon Appetite!




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